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Boggle Game

Boggle is an exciting and fun game. It has been around for more than 50 years but is still gaining popularity across all generations worldwide. Many people have enjoyed the game because it's easy to learn and easy to play.

Instant Play

Launch the game for free without the hassle of downloading. You can start playing Boggle online right away in your browser. One full round lasts only 1 to 5 minutes. Who wins, what words count, and what words don't are known in just a matter of seconds.

Game Modes

In this online version of Boggle, there are three modes of play to choose from:

  1. Play a practice game solo to learn new words and improve your typing speed. The timer and word length settings can be adjusted.
  2. Join a multiplayer room to pit your skills against other players within +/- 250 of your current board rating. Game settings are fixed according to the board size.
  3. Create a custom game to suit your preferred board size, timer, and word length. The room is not visible to the public. Share the invitation link or game code to invite your friends and family.

There are four different boards to play Boggle online:

  • Boggle 3x3 (designed for preschoolers)
  • Boggle 4x4 (Original Boggle)
  • Boggle 5x5 (Big Boggle aka Word Factory)
  • Boggle 6x6 (Super Big Boggle)

Wildcard Option

A wildcard is introduced to add flavor to the game. If enabled, a "wild tile" may appear on the board with a 50% probability. It can represent any single letter to form a word. This makes the Boggle board even more challenging and brain-stirring — a feature available in all board sizes.

Team Grouping

The custom multiplayer game can be played individually or with a team. The latter can create balanced teams in which beginners are mixed with experienced players. Words entered are shown among the team members. The team rating is the average of its members' individual ratings.

How to Play

Connect the tiles in any direction without repeating the same tile to create a word. Trace different routes with familiar patterns to discover more words. Make sure every word you enter is in the dictionary. Sometimes it helps to take risks and experiment with unfamiliar words. Bear in mind, however, that mistakes are subject to penalties.

Point System

Boggle Wizard follows the scoring rules of the actual Boggle game. In multiplayer mode, words found by two or more players are cancelled. Known acronyms and abbreviations are also crossed out. For each valid word, the score is:

  • 1 point for a 3-letter or 4-letter word
  • 2 points for a 5-letter word
  • 3 points for a 6-letter word
  • 5 points for a 7-letter word
  • 11 points for an 8-letter word or longer

A negative score is applied if the word is misspelled or the letters are not connected on the board. This is to discourage players from resorting to wild guessing strategies. For each invalid word, the penalty is:

  • (-1) point on a 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 board
  • (-2) points on a 6x6 board

Chat Facility

Interact with others to keep the ball rolling with the chat facility. Note that foul language is not allowed and will be masked. Abuse may lead to account suspension.

Whiz Ranks

New players are given an initial rating of 1500 in each board version. The board ratings are adjusted, just like in chess, according to the results of every multiplayer game.

Here are the different ranks and ratings to be achieved:

  • Learner: Up to 1750
  • Learner II: 1750+ up to 2000
  • Professional: 2000+ up to 2250
  • Professional II: 2250+ up to 2500
  • Expert: 2500+ up to 2750
  • Expert II: 2750+ up to 3000
  • Wizard: Above 3000


Boggle requires English vocabulary and basic spelling skills. The game can be played on a cellphone (360+ pixels wide), tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Typing speed is an advantage for keyboard users, especially on bigger boards.

Vocabulary Boost

Enhance your vocabulary with the game's built-in solver. The solution (a list of all possible words) is available at the end of every practice game. Examine the words and trace their paths on the board. For better understanding, word definitions are also provided (courtesy of the Free Dictionary API).

Speller Dictionary

The reference wordlist for correct spelling is taken from Aspell.net, combining the largest sizes of all available English dialects:

  • American
  • British (both -ise and -ize)
  • Canadian
  • Australian